A care gap in healthcare is the discrepancy between the care that is recommended to patients and the care that is actually received. Care gaps occur far too frequently, for example up to 40 percent of patients do not receive the recommended follow-up care after surgery.

With an average hospital readmission cost of $10,000, and complication costs averaging $5,000, it makes sense for health providers to minimize care gaps as much as possible.

Putting aside cost and access considerations for now, there are several reasons patients fall into a care gap:

  • not being aware of the care they need
  • not understanding the care they need
  • not following their doctor’s instructions

A care team can reduce care gaps dramatically, simply by improving communication with patients. Unfortunately, many care teams still rely on legacy phone call and one way push SMS to communicate with patients.

What happens when the patient can’t pick up the phone?

When they don’t understand the instructions in the SMS just sent?

When they’ve been on hold for 20 minutes and still can’t get through to their care team?

It’s time for better care management

Twig is a human concierge service guided by advanced AI/ChatGPT. We engage patients on your behalf, primarily with text messages.

Our customers see a tenfold increase in patient engagement, 400% improvement in outcomes, and an NPS of over 90.

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