dr. WicklineDr. Wickline post on Facebook – April 24th, 2022

Hello to all my past, present, and future patients. It has always been our priority to provide the most advanced methods to help accelerate your recovery. Starting today, we take that approach one step further with our Nutritherapy program in collaboration with @MEND nutrition. Mend offers clinically proven nutrition that ensures your body gets all the nutrients it needs to heal effectively after your knee surgery. Our pilot program is open to patients with 2 or more specific diagnoses such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as others. Qualifying patients with a smartphone can opt in to the program which includes mend products as well as fitbit step counter and sleep monitor and bluetooth enabled blood pressure device. Protein supplementation around the time of surgery:1. reduces INFLAMMATION faster than placebo (less pain and swelling) 2. results in LESS MUSCLE LOSS after surgery compared to placebo (quicker overall recovery) 3. reduces INFECTION risk compared to placebo*With their nutritional solutions and our guidance, in the form of text messages and education on nutrition pre- and post surgery, we can make your healing process as comfortable and efficient as possible.