CEO Jason Gorevic’s comments on Teladoc Health recent quarterly call that “Virtual care’s role within the healthcare industry remains underpenetrated” is true and mindboggling. Over 25 years of #digitalhealth innovation, pandemic lift, tens of billions of dollars of investments and still no significant digital transformation like in other industries.  What is slowing us down? How can we solve this?

The #healthcare industry is barking at the wrong tree. For ages, our focus has been on building great digital health technologies. There was much less focus on how to promote, educate, onboard and support digital technologies. If Apple had launched its iPhone through a mail leaflet, but would not establish an echo system that markets, educates, onboards and supports its clients, we would see similar challenges.

In digital health, healthcare needs to think #retailtech. When we started Twig Health about 2 years ago, it was clear to us that our focus would not be on adding more tech to a saturated market but on addressing this critical problem of digital transformation. Today among our digital-first care management activities, we are working with several of the leading digital health brands to revolutionize their population enrollment and engagement. We heavily use cutting-edge tech like #generativeai but our focus is on promotion, education, onboarding and support.

As a digital health guy for the last 20 years, it is painful to see this chronic digital health problem persist. Let’s fix it by barking at the right tree.