Medicaid is a vital health insurance program for millions of low-income Americans. However, a significant number of Medicaid members are disenrolled each year, often for procedural reasons such as failing to meet renewal requirements or missing appointments. In a recent report from CMS, 75% of disenrollments as of July 2023 were due to procedural reasons.

Procedural disenrollments happens when members do not complete the renewal process. This could happen because the state has outdated contact information. It could also happen when a member doesn’t understand or is unable to fill out the paperwork required.

These mass disenrollments could easily be avoided through better communication with plan members. However, plan administrators still rely on inefficient phone call attempts, one way push texts, and other archaic means to reach out to enrollees, with dismal results.

How to dramatically reduce disenrollments

Text messaging is a simple and effective means of communication that has been proven to increase member engagement and satisfaction. It allows Medicaid members to communicate with their health plans and providers, stay informed about their coverage, schedule appointments, and get support.

Needless to say, texting can be used by members to get information about their renewal process and coverage options.

Twig Health offers plan administrators a turnkey solution for care management using multilingual SMS texting as the primary communication modality.