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Twig Health supports and extends Care Management services offered by payors and value-based providers. The platform creates a high-touch, digital-first relationship with members based on the collaboration model.

The solution is powered by a front-line team and advanced AI that seamlessly integrates with existing care management services and software.



The member journey is relationship-based, friendly, and interactive. It includes three stages designed to build positive long-term, enjoyable interactions with members.

  • Greet

    The first step to building a healthy foundation for the collaboration experience

    • Data scrub
      Analyze, normalize, and segment member data, finding the best way to reach every person
    • Invite
      Create a baseline relationship to enable action for initiatives, such as education, pre-screenings, etc.
    • Relationships
      Get to know members — understand their motivation, relevant medical profile, goals, pre-screening, and personal story
    • Digital IQ
      Profile each member with a Digital IQ of channels used, preferred method of communication, digital comfort level, and more
    • Digital onboarding
      Support members to communicate in their preferred digital channel


    We know members on a personal level, and we onboard them to their preferred digital channel.

  • Activate


    Engage with members around specific care management initiatives and activate certain actions.

    • Initiate
      Connect via preferred channel, prioritized by AI and according to specific initiative
    • Activate
      Enable with tools and resources for specific actions and initiatives
    • Close
      Support member activity, e.g., scheduling, and confirm adherence


    We utilize the relationship created in the Greet phase as a platform for continuous activation related to specific initiatives.

  • Support

    Provide ongoing support to build long-term relationships, with lasting results

    • Check-in
      Every member is assigned a personal care plan, with targeted follow ups and personalized encounters via omni-channel outreach
    • Track
      Measure and track progress, identify specific gaps to act on
    • Remind
      Provide members with AI-powered reminders on their preferred channel
    • Ongoing Support
      Available 24/7 to support any member needs


    We provide members with continuous personalized support, while tracking progress and gaps.

THE TWIG PLATFORM Our platform uses AI and machine learning to guide the collaboration experience. We leverage claims, Rx, and self-reporting member data for a comprehensive solution.


  • Alerts, such as anticipated churn, compliance issues, compliance issues, etc.
  • Recommended content & messages, with best time to send
  • Predicted follow ups and preferred communication channel


  • Daily tasks created for Twig front-line team
  • Best responses for member communication
  • Outcome targeted Care Plans

Optimization & Reporting

  • Detect & analyze anomalies, gaps in digital user flow
  • Match the best front-line representative for specific members
  • Generate impact reports


The Twig solution is built on the five key stages of the CRM cycle: reaching a potential customer, customer acquisition, conversion, customer retention, and customer loyalty – tailored to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.

Our technology is omnichannel and based on cutting edge CRM, powered by Salesforce Health Cloud and configured for member success.

  • Saleforce Health Cloud
  • Omnichannel Communications
  • AI/ML
  • Patient Access
  • Integration Framework
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