Patients forget to fill their scripts.
Patients don’t understand how to take their meds.
Patients forget to take their meds.
Patients make mistakes with the dosages.
Patients suffer from side effects and stop taking their meds.

Did we leave anything out?

No matter the reason, patients’ health deteriorates due to poor medication adherence.

The stats are staggering: 50% of patients don’t take their meds as prescribed. Abut 1 in 5 don’t even fill their prescriptions! It gets worse with asymptomatic diseases – hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. (source)

This non-adherence is easily avoidable by following up and checking in with the patient to make sure they are properly taking their medication. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough bandwidth by providers/plans to do this reach out.

This is where Twig Health comes in. Our remote nurses, copiloted by AI, forge supportive relationships with patients via SMS texting, transitioning care from discrete touchpoints to continuous collaboration.

As part of the high frequency communication with patients, we make sure they understand what medications they need, make sure they get them, take them, and get better.