The federal government is going to spend $100 million to train more nurses and grow a workforce that has been steadily shrinking in the last few years.

This is an acknowledgement of the dire situation many health systems are in right now, but it’s still not enough.

Care teams need to grow, but more importantly, to transform in order to become more effective. Imagine the impact in care if every nurse currently working in a hospital or clinic could increase their productivity by just 10%.

One way to do this is by offloading the administrative burden many care teams deal with today – care coordination, for example – to a reliable third party.

This is where companies such as Twig Health come in. Twig is a front desk for care management for transitional care management (TCM) and chronic care management, where much of the interaction is with a patient who is at home.

Twig’s outsourced concierge care management is provided by a highly trained team of remote nurses who collaborate with patients on a daily basis via SMS text messaging. We achieve extremely high efficacy through the use of generative AI (chatGPT) as a copilot for our nurses.

(Yes, we’re hiring nurses!)