A recently published survey of over 1300 nurses found that half of them have a side hustle. Additionally, nearly half of nurses with less than 3 years experience plan to transition to their side job full time at some point.

This bodes very poorly for the already-stretched-too-thin healthcare industry. The Covid years were brutal. After seeing their peers working remotely from home, or hybrid, many nurses yearn for similar work conditions.

These are the top 5 factors nurses find important today are:

  1. maintaining mental health,
  2. being present for family and friends,
  3. maintaining a work/life balance,
  4. maintaining physical health, and
  5. excelling at work

Is it a wonder there is dwindling desire to stick around a high-stress hospital / clinic setting for the long term?

A potential pain-killer

One of the challenges facing nurses is a huge burden of non-clinical tasks. Too much time is spent performing these essential, yet draining duties.

What if nurses, and care teams in general, could offload certain tasks? Companies like Twig offer remote concierge care services that free nurses to practice at top of license. By using advanced AI, Twig is able to achieve a high level of efficiency, while seamlessly extending existing care teams’ bandwidth.