Most of the digital health ecosystem is focused on PLATFORMS – this is what healthcare stakeholders and investors are supposedly looking for. 

However, successfully implementing digital patient solutions for health systems and payors requires a deep understanding of the digital health PROCESS, and even more importantly the PEOPLE involved.

PEOPLE – whether patients, clinicians, or administrators – don’t necessarily embrace digital tech in the way we assume they will. 

Patients yearn for a human connection and don’t appreciate technology barriers. When was the last time you got excited about a phone IVR? An sms bot? A new health app?

PROCESS – Clinicians are usually busy with their day to day clinical work, so adding yet another digital process to their routine is bound to meet resistance. 

To provide true value to the ecosystem, digital health companies need to get all 3 P’s right: PEOPLE, PROCESS, PLATFORM.

More on how to do this right in an upcoming post.