At some point during the 20th century, hotels started replacing doormen with automatic doors, hoping technology would improve their bottom line.

Guess what – these hotels actually fared worse.

Replacing the notional role of opening doors also eliminated the many other services provided by the doorman – taxi-hailing, security, vagrant discouragement, customer recognition, as well as in signaling the status of the hotel. That’s why we still see doormen at upscale hotels today.

In a similar vein, AI advancement such as ChatGPT can’t just yet replace the nuanced touch of human nurses when communicating with patients.

While AI tools can efficiently provide data and simulate interactions, they fall short of the genuine empathy, understanding, and human connection that nurses bring. In healthcare, it’s this irreplaceable human bond that truly comforts, reassures, and heals beyond any technology’s capabilities.

Twig offers care management services that are powered by AI, but it’s our human nursing team that actually makes the difference. Every single message to a patient is sent by a real life nurse and the impact on engagement is phenomenal.

We’re hiring nurses, so if you’re interested in learning more please email jobs at twig dot health.

(h/t to Dr. Spencer Dorn for the idea)