Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you’re probably familiar with HLTH (health) health ecosystem platform and conference focused on health innovation and transformation. The good folks at HLTH recently published an ebook covering the major trends in digital health.

According to HLTH:

“Organizations are actively re-evaluating the role of technology in their operations, transforming their approach to healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.”

What we do at Twig

Twig Health is an outsourced concierge care management service that helps providers avoid unplanned hospitalizations.

Our nurses chat with post-op/homecare patients via SMS text, multiple times a day, to coordinate care, verify adherence, provide support, and address issues before they become costly problems.

Providers working with Twig immediately achieve a 5-10x lift in patient engagement, improvement in outcomes, and significant cost reductions. Our NPS is greater than 90.

These are the hot trends in digital health right now:

  1. The Growth of AI
  2. Profitability Over Growth
  3. Personalization is the Future
  4. The Emergence of the New Term “Techquity”
  5. Technology Aiding Workforce Challenges
  6. Data Interoperability Is Essential
  7. Cybersecurity Remains A Priority
  8. Importance of Mental Health
  9. The Power of the Patient Voice

The Growth of AI

Twig makes use of ChatGPT and other advanced AI techniques to accelerate the work of our remote nurse concierge, by preparing the best response for the nurse to approve based on the patient’s history and recent chat log.

Personalization is the Future

Twig nurses never send generic broadcast push messages to patients. Each patient enjoys a real human relationship on their journey to health.

The Emergence of the New Term “Techquity”

The most vulnerable patients are the ones that have the least access to broadband and the least tech chops. Twig uses text messaging, a modality that over 95% of patients feel comfortable using. No apps to download; no logins; no patient portals to navigate.

Technology Aiding Workforce Challenges

Burnout and understaffed care teams are one of the biggest challenges health system administrators are facing today. Twig relieves care teams from the burden of non-critical tasks (scheduling, patient education, adherence monitoring, etc.) and frees them to practice at top of license.

Importance of Mental Health

America is suffering a loneliness epidemic; patients are especially in need of someone to be there for them. A daily check-in with a Twig nurse forms a powerful and helpful bond to bolster mood and confidence.

The Power of the Patient Voice

With 50 or more weekly touchpoints, Twig nurses are able to resolve many issues raised by patients, before they become costly problems. The nature of text based communication at high cadence gives patients the opportunity to be heard.